Live broadcasts of Holy Week celebrations from the Holy Trinity Seminary


For those who cannot physically attend the Holy Week celebrations, especially the Triduum Sacrum that is just beginning, we encourage you to watch the live broadcast of these beautiful celebrations, from the Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida, USA, on Channel. MHT Seminary Live-Streaming on Youtube.

Liturgical rites are celebrated in accordance with the unchanging, traditional Roman liturgy, pre-1955 liturgical books (untouched by the modernist liturgical commission of Father Hannibal Bugnini).

Upcoming scheduled broadcasts:

1. IV AD 2021 (Holy Thursday):

Solemn Pontifical Mass at 10:00

Solemn Mass. Pontifical with the blessing of holy oils, followed by vespers and the striping of the altar.

Mass: Nos autem gloriari ( alba), Gloria, Credo, Preface to the Holy Cross

Link to broadcast:

Tenebræ (Dark Lauds) at 7:00 p.m.

Link to broadcast:

2. IV AD 2021 (Good Friday):

Mass of gifts previously consecrated with the singing of the Passion, and then Vespers at 9:00 am

Mass of previously consecrated gifts (black), Passion

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